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Babes Who Create

Babes Who Create is a full-service experiential marketing and media company that operates regional communities of content creators across the nation.




Did you know:

  • Our company is 100% women owned?
  • Our company was founded BY female creators, FOR female creators?
  • Our first angel investors were women?
  • Our company’s attorney, accountant, web developer, graphic designer, and interns are all WOMEN?

We are proud to be a growing company, but even more proud to be a COMMUNITY of women that regularly connect, collaborate and champion each other so that we may all rise TOGETHER. 

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Amanda Russo

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We believe in

Community Over Competition

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Babes is a term of empowerment… it’s synonymous of the sisterhood that has developed within and between our communities of women across the nation.

It represents our strength as individuals to rise above any labels, prejudices, stereotypes, or misconceptions that were intended to hold us back.

When I got home, I made the decision to join this group of women and become a San Antonio Blogger Babe. Since joining, I already feel welcomed and I’m so excited for my first event (as a member) tomorrow. Not sure what the future holds, but I am excited to be apart of something again and I can’t wait to network, build friendships, and have FUN!

Sarah Newell


Damn it feels good to be @sanantoniobloggerbabes !!! I have enjoyed every event, meet up and lady I have met. If yall are looking to be supported and encourage this is your girl gang.



Rayne Watkins


how to become a babe


What do I get with my membership?

Your membership includes three monthly meetup options in your local area and access to our members only portal with a forum to chat with other babes as well as a resource area to help you grow your business.

Do I have to pay for meetups?

No. All meetups are free for our members!

Will I get featured on my chapters IG page?

We feature members across our IG platforms daily! As long as you’re attending meetups and creating content from those meetups you will likely make your way onto our IG accounts!

How often are meetups?

It’s up to the leader of your chapter, but most are spaced out throughout the month in order to give members a good selection of meetup items and dates!

Are attending meetups required?

Nope. But we highly recommend it 😉

Do I have to have a certain number of followers to join?

Nope! Everyone has to start somewhere! We’re open to all!

Do I have to be a blogger to join?

Nope! We are a community of content creators. If you create content online you are welcome here!